About us

Caxton, with a vivid picture in mind, began painting its vibrant print journey in the year 1978.

Fast and fabulous. Dipping into a palette of brilliance, Caxton, with its appetite for class-leading talent and technology, brushed the canvas with perfection and promptness, delighting its clients with superlative quality and giving them more than a reason to smile their way back for more.

While the picture was getting bigger and brighter, Caxton’s clientele and reputation were locked in a race to the sky, as it went shopping to meet inexorable demand for its high-on-delight print services: the result, Shishira Prints, Bangalore, a pre-press specialist was acquired to fortify its capabilities.

Along the way, strategic investments in technology upgrades and capacity augmentations, introduction of innovative, outcome-driven quality initiatives and timely consolidation of facilities under one umbrella, bolstered Caxton’s capability to meet a range of requirements and reinforced its reputation for shining quality, fast turnarounds and speedy delivery.

From a humble 800 sft letter press to an integrated, 65,000 sft facility in the heart of Hyderabad, Caxton, propelled by superlative technology and service, has evolved into a world-class print+pack specialist.

Driven by the passion for excellence, it has literally ‘printed’ the town red with its distinct quality. That Caxton is the preferred print partner for discerning MNC’s across industries is a reflection of the immense respect, trust and value it enjoys in the market.

The name: Inspired by William Caxton, an English printer, established the first printing press in England (1477).

The typeface: Soft, clean lines accentuated by sharp edges and a supremely confident stance: a reflection of our command over ‘printcraft’.

The colours: Assorted. Myriad. Brilliant: epitomizing the colour’full’ spectrum of print services we offer.

The graphic: Creatively exaggerated ‘x’ emblazoned with myriad hues. Distinctive and instantly recognizable visual metaphor of excellence.


Honestly and devotedly do all that it takes to drive results for our clients through innovative, distinctive and high quality products that clearly surpass expectations. Strive to be a friendly partner committed to building enduring relationships through caring service and to grow our business, riding on the back of client delight.