Red Bull. Red Hot

The positive energy and aggressiveness associated with the colour ‘RED’ is evident in Caxton’s technology. Ever since inception, Caxton has been investing generously in advanced know-how to promote quality across operations, with superlative results.

Up to Speed with Technology

Caxton keeps pace with advances in technology to ratchet up the quality ladder, drive innovation and speed and offer comprehensive print+pack solutions. The Pre-press, Press and Post-press platforms are largely automated and powered by a formidable line-up of high-precision machines featuring ground-breaking technology from such global leaders as Kodak, Komori, Konica Minolta, Man Roland, Mitsubishi and Planeta.


While the sophisticated, end-to-end print environment saturated with class-leading technology ensures multiple value benefits including unmatched quality and ‘time+cost’ savings for clients, the flexibility and versatility quotients allow for single-window access to all the solutions a client needs.

Caxton sprints on Microsoft Navision ERP, an intelligent workflow catalyst that integrates processes across divisions to optimize job preparation for enhanced productivity.

The Edge

  • Equipped to print up to six colors in one pass with online coating
  • Unique capability for offset printing on foam up to sizes as large as 10 feet
  • Exclusive facility for specialized large format offset printing up to 64
  • inches in width catering to the packaging industry

Advanced UV Printing Technology for excellent printing on unusual substrates:

UV technology enables high-quality coatings and special effects with rapid delivery of orders. With multiple advantages such as high gloss levels, excellent protective qualities, pleasant tactile experience and superior results on difficult substrates uncoated/synthetic paper, board, foil, plastic, static cling vinyl, lenticular & recycled substrates), it offers exceptional performance. Products can be finished more rapidly, enabling higher throughput and turnaround, even on two – sided jobs.


ISO 9001:2015 Certified QMS

Our superior technology enables consistently high quality, invariably delivering best results for clients, every time. While the print platform ensures that Text, Colors, Images and Graphics are not just printed but come alive on substrates with striking clarity, the post-print platform delivers a spotless, near-perfect finish for a spectacular effect. High on novelty, aesthetics and impact, every job is a reflection of our shining quality that helps our clients smartly discern their brands against competition.


Caxton relies on world-class vendors for all inputs including inks and paper to meet its high quality standards and ensure the best output. Stringent quality checks are in place to grade vendors on various parameters aimed at sourcing only the finest inputs that match our quality demands.